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SKU: 8290633 LID ONLY 8290609.

Product Description

A GPS enabled fully functional battery breakaway kit for all dual trailers.

  • Choice of complete kit or lid only
  • Easy 2 wire hook-up
  • Rugged & Weatherproof
  • Breakaway battery not included

Special Note:

Installation issue –  an owner of a dump trailer will purchase the WJB-100 (8290610) (junction box) and install it into the steel reinforced box where the junction box is located. This seems natural.  However, the steel box is too thick for any signal to get out.    For these, we need the owners to purchase the WRB-200 (8290446) and have it installed underneath the trailer toward the front around the tongue.  If the dump trailer is a gooseneck or larger dump with a battery breakaway kit, then the WJB-100 (8290610) works for the gooseneck and the WBB (8290633 or  8290609) works for the others with a Breakaway battery kit, depending on the style the mfg installed at the factory.

Installation issue #2 – some to most enclosed trailers have a different wiring design than utility trailers.  Utility trailers use a red wire for power where enclosed trailers use a black for power.  Some enclosed use red for the left turn signal which doesn’t provide power to our unit.