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The Most-Trusted Name in Trailer Parts

At TexTrail, we believe in the power of partnership.  By partnering with the largest trailer parts buying network in the country, you benefit from the unparalleled buying power, unmatched expertise and service, and the most reliable delivery capability.  Whether you are a trailer manufacturer, a dealer, or a repair shop, be assured that you will receive your order accurately, on time and priced right.  That's the power of partnership.

For Trailer Manufacturers

How TexTrail helps manufacturers build.

For Trailer Dealers

TexTrail resources for trailer dealers.

For Repair Shops

Repair shops need accuracy and timelines.

Why Choose Us

When you choose TexTrail, you're choosing the broadest product range, a team of experts and unmatched delivery capabilities to make your job easiser.


More Customers Means Stronger Buying Power

When you partner with TexTrail, you join the largest trailer parts customer network in the world.  That makes you powerful.


The Longest-Tenured Workforce

There's no substitute for experience, and TexTrail has the longest-serving employees in trailer parts.  That means accuracy and pro advice.


Reliable Quality, Timeliness and Pricing

It's hard to run a manufacturing business with inconsistent parts and materials delivery.  You won't have that problem with TexTrail.

The New Era of TexTrail

TexTrail and Nuera Transport, the most trusted names in trailer parts, have combined to offer the best parts, prices, expertise, service and delivery.