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Keeping Repairs On Schedule

When repairs stall because of parts delays, your customers are unhappy. TexTrail helps repair shops serve customers well by getting their trailers back on the road.

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Unmatched Buying Power

The TexTrail customer base is the largest in the trailer parts industry. We source more components and parts for more trailer repair shops than anyone else. That massive customer network generates incredible buying power and leverage with parts manufacturers and vendors, ensuring consistent and timely availability, fair and predictable pricing, and customer-focused dispute resolution. You need parts for repairs, so put the TexTrail network’s buying power to work for you.

Repair shop owner on phone ordering trailer parts

The Expertise of True Professionals

TexTrail is full of people with the expertise to provide innovative solutions, quick and accurate answers to your technical questions, and who are committed to meeting your and your customers’ needs. With the most-tenured workforce in the trailer parts industry, TexTrail will help you get your customers back on the road, and make you look smart in the process.

Repair shop owner on phone ordering trailer parts
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Your Most Reliable Partner

Customers hate to hear “the part hasn’t come in yet,” or even worse “they sent the wrong part.” Our customer service reflects on your customer service. At the end of the day, getting you what you need, on schedule and on budget, is our core promise. We have the scale, the geographic spread, and the institutional and staff knowledge to ensure you can keep your customers happy. Reliability is a central feature of the power of partnership.

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